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Model TRIP ” Lava”

Premium TRIP collection 

Exotic, handcrafted wooden sunglasses.

Made from Black canon maple and not BAMBOO trees.


“Lava” polarized lenses eliminate 100% of UVA/UVB rays

and reduce glare from reflective surfaces while frightening and sharpening the colors around.


Model specification:

● 100% Glass- polarized mirror orange color UV400

●Front : Black  maple

●Back : Black maple

●Inside temples : Black maple

●Outside temples :Black maple


Glasses are very unique and design, made  in purest part of Europe surrender by forest and lakes so eco- friendly.


Inspired by trip to Iceland


Unisex model

Gift :

We understand find a gift for a person who has everything is not a easy .

That’s why you should use our shop too. Find in our collection perfect present for everyone.

We are gathered great gift ideas for wedding ( when bride and groom goes for sunny honeymoon they wear those pair from you) , birthday, Christmas gift or maybe leaving present for your co-worker/ boss.

Also can be anniversary present for your second half – no limits.

We can send chosen pair of sunglasses directly to your requested address.


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