TRIP  is  in the heart of Asia -Singapore , City of leaders, innovation, success and paradise for tourists. We work very close with workshops in EU ( Germany , Finland , Poland , Greece, UK , Holland) to introduce best of best wooden and stone sunglasses to People of Asia, Oceania and Americas.

Here in Asia is very common usage of bamboo tree .We want something better for local people here – maple , cherry , walnut , zebrano wood has worth, flexibility and unique experience during wearing them. TRIP providing truly handmade wood and stone eyewear. That’s why by wearing plastic sunglasses we came to realise how artificial and fake they accually feel.Plastic is synthetic- therefore it feel lifeless , has no warmth or energy. That’s why we want to work with material that’s real and alive – wood. We saw that is perfect material to craft sunglasses-it is light , beautiful , classy and also very durable .Each of you feel much better wear one of our unique sunglasses. Also pair of sunglasses could be perfect treat from you to person you adore – parents , partner or just work collage.

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